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WebTelek Media Center Add-In

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

WebTelekSome of you might have noticed that there hasn’t been much going on with TunerFree for a few months. I can now reveal why that was. For the past 2 months I have been working with Russian internet television provider, WebTelek, on a Media Center interface. WebTelek specialize in providing television and radio programs over the internet for the Russian market, both at home and abroad with the ex-pat market. Today they have Live TV from almost 70 channels, 20 days complete coverage of Catchup TV for over 50 of those channels, and thousands of movies, with growing content all of the time.

WebTelek approached me with the request to create a top of the range Media Center interface for their internet television service. They already had a web interface and a Media Portal interface, but wanted to expand in to Media Center. One of their biggest concerns was that it look great so that they could confidently have a superior interface to their competitors. That was a challenge that I was happy to take on, especially with the prospect of developing new library components that I could use in TunerFree.

I won’t be publishing the full code for this project for obvious reasons, but wanted to share some of the key things I learnt from this project.