Spotify headed for the US

In an interview with Billboard this week, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek confirmed that Spotify are just a month or two from launching Spotify in the US. Apparently they have got a data center set up, and are in the final stages of setting up agreements and educating US record companies about the Spotify concept. He also announces that they are in the process of expanding the capabilities and integration that Spotify has to help drive the all important purchases that they need to make their business profitable.

Personally I’m bracing myself for the mass of new Songler users when this launches in the US. I’m sure Spotify have a similar sense of dread – it’s not easy launching a popular product in the worlds largest market.

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  1. Daniel says:

    just wanna tell u that ur app just closed the deal on builing a htpc for the living room (or not). :) I’ll gladly donate as soon as I get it up and download ur app.

  2. Daniel, glad to hear that you like it. I hope you enjoy your new htpc.


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