Spotify banned at Oxford University

Shocking news from the worlds top university – Oxford University have banned the use of Spotify on their network. The justification is that it is a P2P bandwidth hog. There is of course something in that – it does use P2P technology, and it does need at least a 256kbit connection while it is running. If every student tried to run Spotify at once, it would undoubtedly cripple the network. That’s a very big if though.

The reason this is shocking is that for years the music industry has been chasing universities to get them to stop students from stealing music, and then along comes a legal service and the university blocks it. These students (except the PPE ones) are smart people who will find other less legal ways to get their music if the legal ones are blocked, and that doesn’t help anyone.

Update: Manchester University bans Spotify too. Could be a bad trend for fans of free legal music.

Anyway, if you are currently at Oxford missing Spotify, why not try listening to through Songler. Fantastic way to get your music, and not blocked!

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2 Responses to “Spotify banned at Oxford University”

  1. Matt Oakes says:

    This shouldn’t be news really. It’s banned in all University of Manchester halls which reaches about 30,000 students.

  2. Matt, I hope that what you actually mean is that it is news, but incomplete news since it’s not just Oxford that is banning it. Do you have any links about the Manchester ban, or any other universities too?

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