SeeSaw launched

After Project Kangaroo was shut down, the technology was bought up by Arqiva and re-branded as SeeSaw. Since then they have been working on content agreements with various providers, and now have agreements with 4oD, Five and BBC Worldwide, and are working on more agreements with other providers.

Earlier this week SeeSaw officially went in to beta, inviting members of the public to sign up. Once you sign in, you can browse programs by Category, Channel or just search by name

Under the channels for example there is a list of programs;

and then when you pick a program you will see a list of episodes and can play any of them;

interestingly, all programs – even BBC ones – have adverts at the start. The programs come from BBC Worldwide, who feed the profit back in to the BBC, which is OK by me if it brings us nice new features.

The video player is of course a flash player, and it offers different bandwidth settings, although there are no specific details of what the different resolutions are – but it doesn’t look to be HD.

It’s a nice?aggregation?of content, some of which isn’t available anywhere else, so?definitely?worth checking it out.

And for those of you who are wondering about TunerFree integration, a plugin is available here.

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