Flash in Media Center

Microsoft?made use of Flash in Media Center for it’s integration with MSN Player. That was a startling announcement one month ago since it was assumed that Microsoft wanted to promote Silverlight over Flash, and would never allow Flash in Media Center. So, in the past month what has happened about that??Unfortunately?it seems to have moved backwards again. First of all, the UK integration with MSN Player has?disappeared, only to be replaced by the Sky subscription service. I think that is a major mistake by Microsoft, because I don’t think anyone will pay for a very cut down version of Sky on their PC, and it would have been better to have a working internet TV solution available.

Secondly, I have been trying to find out how independent developers such as myself can make use of Flash in Media Center. A friend of a friend managed to get this unofficial response;

As far as I know, the Platform/APIs are only available for internal use. We don?t have any plan to release public documentation on that at this moment.

So that means that until Microsoft change their minds or someone manages to?dissect?the?delivered?code to work out how to use the libraries in an unsupported way, we are stuck without Flash support for independent developer.

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