BBC iPlayer mobile on vodafone 3G

iPlayer mobleThe BBC have had an iPlayer widget available for a few mobiles, including a nice widget for Nokia phones. It has worked great on my N85 for quite some time now, but only when connected with wifi. I assumed that was an automatic restriction since whenever I clicked on play when not in wifi, it told me that it only worked over wifi. I had also played with editing the javascript in the widget and had success with version 1.5, but not version 1.6.

I was therefore amazed to read this post on the bbc blog today in which it claims that both Vodafone and 3 support watching BBC iPlayer mobile over 3G. I did some playing with the settings, and discovered why I haven’t got it to work in the past. I always select the Vodafone Internet GPRS access point when accessing any online functionality, because it is typically a more open network. It turns out though that the BBC iPlayer treats that as a non-Vodafone 3G connection. If you change the streaming setting in Real Player to use the Voadafone Live access point, and connect to the iPlayer widget with the Vodafone Live access point, you can watch iPlayer over 3G on your Vodafone mobile. Fantastic! Just remember to go in and set the access point for real player back to something else for watching other content (seriously Nokia – that one’s a disgrace.)

The only thing that doesn’t work is that the walled garden of Vodafone Live doesn’t allow you access to the thumbnail pictures when browsing the programs, but hey, you can’t have everything can you?

Unfortunatly the bbc live mobile site still doesn’t work on the N85. No idea why, since it has more codecs than the phones that do support it, but I think the BBC just aren’t interested in the device. N96 seems to be their preferred Nokia.

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