Get TortoiseCVS working in Vista


I’m sure that there are many developers completley frustrated by TortoiseCVS‘s inability to work with Vista. Tortoise is easily the best open source CVS integration too, essential for any serious developer who needs to use a proper revision control system (no, creating an occasional backup, or relying on Vista’s “Previous Versions” feature is not source control). The problem though is that it just constantly seems to crash when using Vista, giving errors like “TortoisePlink has stopped working”. After a lot of googling turning up dubious solutions about disabling UAC and other equally dubious solutions. Finally I found a good workaround though. Go to?C:\Program Files\CVS Suite\TortoiseCVS and edit the properties of TortoisePlink.exe to set it to run with Windows XP compatability mode. Now it’ll run with much more success.

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8 Responses to “Get TortoiseCVS working in Vista”

  1. Matt Oakes says:

    Why not use SVN instead oc CVS? It’s a much more advanced piece of version control software.

  2. That’s a fair question Matt. Simple reason is that I’m familiar and comfortable with CVS and it does everything I need it to.

  3. Matt Oakes says:

    That’s fair enough. The interface for SVN is the same (if you use TortoiseSVN). All the features of CVS are in there but they are more reliable with certain stuff. I forget the differences but SVN is sort of like CVS on speed 😉

  4. Tbee says:

    I found that running pageant also seems to -at least- eleviate the problem.

  5. Tbee says:

    And while we’re at it; I’d suggest TortoiseBZR.

  6. I didn’t have much luck with compatibility mode, and like you I was reluctant to disable UAC (and when I did try it it still fell over). In the end I used pageant and it seems to fix the problem completely; I wrote up a step-by-step description of what I did here:

    Hope this helps someone.

  7. That’s brilliant. Thanks Derek

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