Windows 7 Versions

Microsoft have just announced the versions of Windows 7 that they will sell. One of the most detailed descriptions I have reas is on Ian Dixon’s blog. For consumers in the UK though, the options are Windows 7 Basic (no media center, no Aero), Windows 7 Premium (adds Aero, Touch and Media Center), and Ultimate (adds domain support, Remote Desktop, Bit Locker).

This puts me in a quandry. I spent good money on Vista Ultimate licenses, mainly because I wanted the Remote Desktop capabilities which Premium didn’t have. Then I discovered that Microsoft had crippled Vista Ultimate between the beta and the final release by not allowing multiple simultaneous users, so I couldn’t remote in to my living room PC to fix things while people were watching TV. Basically that made my extra investment in Ultimate a complete waste of money. I am therefore probably going to go for Windows 7 Premium rather than Ultimate because I got so badly burned with wasting money on Vista Ultimate. At the same time?though I’m?worried that perhaps they have made it less of a lame duck this time, and I am going to miss out on something worthwhile. Damn you Microsoft! Your clever marketing to geek insecurities is working!

Perhaps Windows 7 should be the Vista Ultimate Extra that never appeared. Hint Hint.


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