The Green Button still having issues

A bunch of folks have sent me messages at TheGreenButton recently, and unfortunatly I didn’t get any notifications, so sorry about not responding folks. To make matters worse, I logged in at the weekend and spotted the posts, and was unable to send any replies. Any time you try to make a post, you get the following error;

The Green Button Dies

The Green Button Dies

Now, first of all I do need to say that I do like Microsoft. I use linux, and I use apple stuff too, but I’m not one of those guys who likes to write Micro$oft or diss the guys there, and I’m probably one of the few people who does actually recommend Vista to people. However, since Microsoft took over TGB, it has been an embarasment. TGB has had a few bugs recently, like postings that go for approval for no apparent reason (I hear too much mention of the word Free causes issues, which is a pain for a product called TunerFree!), but those bugs were there before Microsoft took over. What I do blame Microsoft for is bringing a large corporate mentality to TGB. Everything is moving at a snail’s pace. Take this latest bug for example – someone made a code change, didn’t test it, and then went home for the weekend. Of course he’s not going to come in over the weekend to back out his fix, because this is just his job and he’s not paid to work weekends. Or perhaps he does care but there isn’t any way to contact him. Or perhaps he’s ill and I’m being mean. The point is though that when this was in community hands, people made sure it kept going. Now it’s in Microsoft’s hands, it is withering. I’ve got to ask myself how that is a good advert for Microsoft. Google messed up over the weekend and marked every site on the web as malware. Google took 40 minustes to fix it on a Sunday morning.? It was embarasing, but they jumped to it and fixed it and blogged about it. With Microsoft though there is nothing at all. No fix. No acknowedgement. How can I say to people “look, Microsoft loves Media Center. Look at the fantastic fan site they run”. I can’t. They took a good thing and let it die.

Update 2nd Feb 2009? 18:08

Instead of “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: relativeUrl”? I am now seeing the error “The log file for database ‘CommunityServer Recover’ is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space.”


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