Project Kangaroo looses it’s bounce

Kangaroo from Walka Water WorksSorry. I just couldn’t resist a pun. Perhaps the loss of future pun opportunities is the saddest thing about the demise of this project. Anyway, as noted on my main site, Project Kangaroo was shut down by the competition commission today.

Of course, if you are using TunerFree MCE, you probably don’t care that much – you already have a single interface for all of the UK content, so this wouldn’t have added anything new. From my perspective though, it’s hard to say if it is a good or a bad thing. If they had produced a single way of handling on-demand TV, it would have made my life much easier when producing a media center interface for it. On the other hand, if they had used their combined might to increase the protection in the system, they could have shut me out completley. Perhaps it’s best for all media center users that this didn’t happen after all.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tasumi1968

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