My N85 reads my e-mail to me!

N85 message readerI’ve just had a eureka moment with my N85. I love it when that happens! The first eureka moment I ever had with a phone must have been about 10 years ago was when I accidentally held the # key down on my phone – (a Nokia 7110 at the time – the one from the Matrix)? – and it went in to silent mode. I had previously been navigating through all sorts of menus to get to that, and there was a shortcut key straight to it.

Today’s eureka moment was very similar. I accidentally held the Messaging soft key down on my N85, and it started reading my new e-mails to me. This is a fantastic feature! Imagine you are in the car and someone e-mails you or texts you. You are itching to find out what it says, but are reluctant to cause a 10 car pile up just to satisfy your addiction to e-mail. No problem – just hold the Messaging key, and your new text or e-mail is read out to you! It’s brilliant. Thank you Nokia!

P.S., if you look at the reflection you might be able to tell that that blurry picture of my N85 was taken with my iPhone. The iPhone doesn’t read my mail out loud, and it doesn’t take particularly good close up photos. The N85 beats the iPhone on just about everything. Apart from web browsing. Fix that Nokia, and you are the kings.

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